cheap propecia uk For all of our coverage of one aspect of the less than professional actions of our nation’s school teachers, by and large, teaching in a large public high school in this country is still, in general, one grueling task. Not all high schools, but many, and most in rougher areas of the country where the students are largely coming from less functional homes, broken families, crime and social structures that aren’t promoting education or seeing high school as anything but a legally mandated exercise.

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vendita viagra generico on line While there is definitely a rise in teacher on student sex crimes, there is similarly a rise in student on teacher violent crimes in American schools. Teachers, especially female teachers who are more defenseless, are being physically assaulted by students at an increasing rate. In the case of one minor student at Marshall High School in East Texas, she tossed an older female teacher to the ground after the teacher refused to give her back her cellphone she’d confiscated in class. You wonder what these kids are expected to do without their cellphones during class. Especially when one of them goes postal on the teacher and the rest need to record the violence with WWE spectator sport commentary.

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see url Conceding that the cranky old teacher is probably an annoying head of class, not to mention ill-equipped to handle her students, there’s still no excuse for engaging in a physical altercation with your teacher over your cellphone. No matter the particulars, when you’re hip tossing old lady teach to the ground to retrieve your texting tool, you’ve committed a crime. Though the School District responded only by saying the student in question will be punished by the Student Court at the school. Which seems odd. Do those kids also handle school shootings? Who knew this was a valid jurisdiction for assault charges.

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follow url Marshall High School is a largely failed public school in a lousy part of Texas serving disadvantage and poor kids who need way more than a rote assembly line system of public education if they’re to have any chance. But this is what they get. And this is what happens. The staff is there for a paycheck, the students there because they have to be, and you have mildly controlled chaos. Better solutions have been proposed over time, but it’s impossible to shake the status quo. Too many people dug in deep to their bounty.