Marie Edwards and Boyfriend Cory Stewart Busted for Sex With Kids If you pictured what a 34-year old female predator and drugged out girlfriend to a male child predator in Florida might look like, you’ve probably already seen the face of Marie Edwards in your mind. The incredibly weathered woman who appears to be tooth-troubled to boot, was arrested by Fort Myers law enforcement during an investigation into her boyfriend, Cory Stewart, 37, on charges that he had had sexual contact with an eleven year old girl.

source url During the court of their investigation, Sheriff’s deputies determined that not only was Edwards aware of her boyfriend’s criminal sexual assault upon a minor girl, but that Edwards herself was sexually involved with a twelve-year old boy. Both were arrested after detectives took possession of their cellphones, containing evidence of their respectively illicit and deranged sex crimes.

get link Stewart was charged with capital sexual battery, meaning he will be gone from the land of the free for a long long time. And his life behind bars will likely be short, if not immensely painful. Edwards was charged with custodial sexual assault, implying she had some legal connection to the young boy she was diddling. That information has yet to be released. Both ends of this glorious meth couple are in jail awaiting arraignment and ultimate van ride to long term prison sentences. Don’t worry, there’s drugs to be had in prison.
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