Mariah Smith Lied About Out-Of-State Boyfriend Raping Her, Police Say

follow url The Harvey Weinstein scandal and all subsequent fallout wherein it appears every man in Hollywood has raped someone at some point in their lives, has brought a lot of much-needed attention to sexual misconduct and the systematic targeting of women.

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prednisone 5 mg ldn Unfortunately, for every #MeToo and two steps forward we can take with regard to correcting the system, there is a Mariah Smith out there ready to harm actual victims with false accusations and cheap attention-grabbing ploys.

source According to, the Tuscaloosa mother-of-one was arrested Saturday (Nov. 4) after police were able to determine that the boyfriend she had accused of rape was undeniably innocent. See, he was not even in the same state at the time of the alleged assault.

Most of Mariah’s social media pics depict her with a small child. Fine example there, Ma. Image via Facebook. Tuscaloosa police arrived at Smith’s home at around 5 p.m. to answer a sexual assault report. Smith, 25, told investigators her ex-boyfriend had entered the home through an unlocked door, “went into her bedroom and sexually assaulted her,” said Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit Capt. Gary Hood.

buy cheap viagra now After the attack, the report stated, “he tied her legs to the bed, tied her hands together and left the home.” As investigators were interviewing Smith, their bullshit detectors started going off as they realized some of her statements did not align.

see They reached out to the ex-boyfriend and learned his actual whereabouts, which were corroborated by local law enforcement in the region. At that point, Smith was arrested for filing a false report and booked into the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $6,000.00 bond.

source link The problem with people like Smith is that they make everyone quick to dismiss reports of sexual assault. Every false accusation, justified or not, makes people feel more comfortable dismissing reports of sexual abuse. It’s largely why people like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein were able to do their thing for so long.

cialis generico con pagamento alla consegna Women don’t tell their stories because they don’t want to be judged and called liars. Smith contributes to those fears by being an actual liar. (Featured Image: Tuscaloosa Police Department)

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