Maria Wilkes Quit Teaching to Win a Beauty Pageant

go site No, this is not a crime. But Britain is still abubble over the resignation of a linguistics teacher at a prestigious all-girls school in North London. Maria Wilkes wants to be the next Miss Great Britain and future Miss Universe. She couldn’t do both.


free propecia canadian The half-Venezuelan, half-British, half-incredibly genetically blessed language teacher was consider an ace at teaching the 11-year old girls in her class Spanish. You know boys would be at her beckon call, the fact she was able to motivate girls is some kind of objective achievement. Also the reason parents and concerned women’s groups are questioning Wilkes decision to move from education to swimsuit sashaying in front of judges in pageants for grown ups.

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source url “I’m very annoyed. Maria has said she wants to ‘inspire and empower’ girls and then we see her packaging herself for the male gaze, parading her boobs and having a glamorous lifestyle as a result.”

cialis generico mutuabile Curse you, male gaze. You know how men adore pageants. Especially since the rise of the Internet and not a single guy watching a single pageant ever because there’s so much better to see. You can imagine the particular angst at an all-girls school where a teaching is choosing the model life. Women put so much pressure upon one another. I mean, men do, of course. What with that male gaze and constantly telling them their career choices are morally corrupt. Wilkes has become aware of the charges she’s going from good example to bad example from the girls. Like any skilled pageant contestant, she’s armed herself with a canned response that sounds great but makes little to no sense:

propecia vellus “I believe I’m a great example to girls who want to become independent young women who use their intellect to decide what they want to do with their lives.”

click Wilkes insists she’s rough looking in the morning without all her makeup and her biggest fear is walking in heels since she never does that. I don’t know about her Spanish teaching, but she sounds absolutely perfect for the beauty pageant world.

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