watch You may recall the case of Malka Leifer, the Israeli teacher who moved to Australia in 2000 to lead an orthodox Jewish school, Adass Israel, only to be charged with 74 counts of child sex abuse. In 2008 Leifer fled Australia back to Israel before standing trial.

Malka Leifer Fought Extradition for Years

res-erection of viagra as a heart drug Politics are complicated in Israel. Between parties, cultures, religions, and even denominations of religions within religions. Suffice it to say, Leifer had friends in Israel based on her orthodox background and her West Bank locale. Some of these friends influential in massively delaying, or even corrupting, her extradition process back to Australia. In general, Israel does not give up its citizen easily to foreign nations for trial. You can imagine the history of the Jewish people and why they would err heavily on the side of caution in such matters.

lloyds pharmacy viagra over the counter All of this added up to Malka Leifer avoiding anything close to extradition for a decade. Then, last year, she was arrested in Israel when courts determined she and cohorts had heavily lied and deceived the court about her medical and psychiatric condition in order to forever delay extradition. Now she’s still awaiting extradition to Australia, but from the confines of prison.

Australian sisters, victims of Malka Leifer, come to Israel to attend her hearing

Israeli Student Victim of Malka Leifer Speak Out

Israel’s public broadcasting channel, Kan, this week recorded an interview with a now grown up woman, who claimed as a young student in Israel that Malka Leifer repeatedly touched her inappropriately.

“She was crazy about me; all the time she stroked me. She used to sit with me for private conversations, all the time stroking my leg, up and down on my skirt.”

– unidentified former student of Malka Leifer

The same woman recalled a time Leifer invited her to her home and she had to escape. The specific memories she’s blacked out since.

Kan stated it had an email from a child abuse watchdog group in Israel claiming they had many more off-the-record allegations from women who recall being sexually abused by Malka Leifer prior to her departing Israel in 2000.

Malka Leifer attends extradition hearing (photo courtesy of

None of these pre-2000 cases can be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations on such matters in Israel, but obviously they form a rather strong base of evidence as to her likelihood to have done similar in Australia.

Australia Hides Its Criminals and Criminal Cases Well

Following in the British tradition, Australia provides extreme protections to both victims of crime and those accused of crimes. For instance, when a teacher is arrested for an alleged sex crime, even if they know, media outlets are forbidden from naming the teacher or even the school where they taught.

This is a rather strong protection for the accused. It may strike civil libertarians as quite proper and just. However, keep in mind, it prevents the community at large from potentially knowing the name of a criminal teacher in their midst.

The 74 counts of sexual abuse against Malka Leifer are similarly difficult to break down with any reliable detail. Even her name only became published once she fled the country and became part of an extradition matter.

Female Teacher Sex Crimes Not Just a U.S. Thing

As much as we report on teachers having illegal sex with students in the United States, naturally, this phenomenon is spread to the entire West. And in places like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, it appears to be even worse, though many of these crimes either not reported, not publicized, or simply not considering criminal matters in those regions due to culture.

Suzanne Harrison

In England, Suzanne Harrison was banned from teaching for life for having a lesbian affair with a 15-year old student. In Canada, teacher Krystal Wilson was arrested for having sex wit ha 10-year old boy. The tip of the iceberg.