Add another bad mom to the pile. This one, Makenzie Shultz, 23, of Indiana, has just been sentenced to 40 years and four months probation for her role in the death of her daughter, Briley.

watch Briley was just eight months old in November of 2015 when her father, 26-year-old Chad Giroux, Jr., and her aunt, Lauren Giroux, took her to a nearby hospital. Briley was long dead by the time hospital staff saw her; she has been suffocated. However, she showed signs of long-term abuse, including dehydration, malnourishment, and an impacted bowel. The baby had not been fed for days leading up to her death and weighed just 11 pounds—for context, that’s just a bit more than a newborn infant would weigh. And despite all of these ailments, the parents had neglected to take their child to a hospital in six months. Again, she was only eight months when she died.
Chad Giroux, Jr. (Lafayette PD) Giroux, Jr., who was also charged in the case, said he observed Shultz closing the baby into a closet several times. In that closet, blankets and clothing were placed over the baby to deafen her cries. Shultz denied this, but it was clear to investigators that Briley had been smothered.

causes of male infertility drugs clomid After their daughter’s death, the couple attempted to set the scene for police, hiding items they thought would appear incriminating, including marijuana, computers, and baby items. Police, notably, found a lot of unused baby food, which is pretty weird considering Shultz hadn’t bothered to use any of it in the days leading up to her daughter’s death. Giroux has been sentenced to 35 years in prion, though intends to appeal. Featured: Makenzie Shultz (Lafayette PD)