Maegan Adkins-Barras Arrested for Posting Video of Fight at Kids’ School

can lasix be crushed In a weird bit of application of the law, a Louisiana mom was arrested for posting a video of a fistfight at her kids’ school, Acadania High School, to alert other parent what was going on at the place. This quickly became a national story not only because a mom of three kids was arrested, but because it appears the law used to arrest Maegan Adkins-Barras was badly misapplied. This may be a case of the school being pissed at the bad publicity and urging the cops to arrest her.


can propecia cause irreversible impotence Adkins-Barras was arrested under a Louisiana law — Unlawful Posting of Criminal Activity for Notoriety and Publicity — designed to thwart people in public altercations from posting videos of their own tussles for fun and profit. Because, as you may know, this is now what people do in our world. But the law is pretty specific that the person posting must be somebody primarily involved in the underlying event. Even her own son who gave her the video wasn’t primarily involved. He merely recorded the pretty brutal school fight.

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You can see a clip of the brutal fight herein The Scott Police Department, which served the mom’s arrest, wrote some meaningless mumbo jumbo about how a parent’s first responsibility upon learning of such activity at school is to alert school officials, not post videos to Facebook. But a bevy of attorneys have voluntarily stepped forward to help Adkins-Barras fight her arrest since it appears she either didn’t break the law, or if she did, the law itself is an unconstitutional block on free speech.

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levitra professional overnight delivery It’s also worth noting that Adkins-Barras is fairly well known in the area since her husband has been lying in a coma for some time now. Perhaps not the best mother of three to pick on with your silly laws. Okay, not a silly law per se, but the wrong lady to test it on. Suck it up, that school needs better security.

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