Louisiana Hottie Stuffs Cash and Meth in Her Vagina; Found During Arrest

I suppose male arrestees with drugs have access to at least one hiding spot they suspect will never be checked, while women skells benefit from two. Now, who’s got gender privilege?

Ashley Beth Rolland, 23, an attractive young woman from Louisiana — or once was attractive now is involved with meth crimes, so you know how that ends eventually — was arrested by cops after a guy she was staying with in Monroe, Louisiana, claimed she ran off with thousands of dollars of his money while he was in the shower. You know how you leave huge wads of cash around your druggy girlfriend then step out of the room for 20 minutes, sort of like a test. She failed. Or did she pass?

Rolland was eventually caught up to by Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies because that’s an awful lot of money to steal.

While Rolland was being processed for the arrest, to which she copped to the stealing, and during one of those uncomfortable cavity searches, presumably a female corrections officer discovered a massive wad of cash in Rolland’s cooch.

The resulting wad, made up of “62 $100 bills and the remaining $33 made up from a combination of tens, five and ones” accounted for over $6,300 in cash. That’s a good bit more than the guy who called the cops reported missing, so perhaps she was maintaining a bank account of other cash in her twat for safekeeping and merged the money.

But it’s what was found at the center of the vagina wad that will be Rolland’s real issue with Louisiana law enforcement — close to a gram of meth wrapped in plastic wrap. That’s when Rolland shifted tunes and insisted she had no idea how the meth got in there. It wasn’t hers.

Now, the law in most states dealt with this “whose drugs are these really” conundrums when cops search cars and find narcotics and everybody in the car blames everybody else. Essentially, they arrest the driver. You own the car, you own the drugs in it. In the case of vaginas, very much the same. Your baby hole. Your drugs.

Now, it is possible that Rolland literally didn’t know the wad of cash she stole from her boyfriend and shoved up her cooch also had meth inside of the roll. She may merely be a simple thief. Nevertheless, doesn’t matter. Possession is 10/10th of the law in narcotics. Hence, along with Theft, she was charged with narcotics possession and is being held on $8,000 bond. Which she could probably obtain if they just let her bend over somewhere privately for a couple of minutes.

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