Lori Barron Just Got Seven To Nine For Her Business ‘Day Spa For Gentlemen’: Venture A Guess?

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=generic-levitra-pills Lori Barron of Salem, N.H., may want to find a new line of work. And if she can’t, well, there have been enough bad things happen at this point that the law should be able to do it for her.

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follow Barron operated the Day Spa for Gentlemen, which, with a name like that one, just begs to be the target of a prostitution sting. Sure enough, in 2013, Barron was arrested for operating just such a side business out of the Day Spa’s center of operations. Four years later — ain’t justice swift, kids? — she was convicted and sentenced to seven to nine years in prison, according to a recent report from MassLive.

click here The official charges were three for human trafficking and one for photographing someone nude without their knowledge or consent. Her defense attorney said she has “not taken responsibility for her actions” because she is “too ashamed to admit she did something wrong.”

Gotta make a living, right?

comprare levitra Puglia Some of the commenters on MassLive‘s coverage have wondered why Lori Barron should be punished for a crime that is essentially at the discretion of the persons taking part in it (i.e. if a woman should be allowed to make choices regarding what she does with her body, then why can’t she have sex for money?).

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-prezzo Fair points except a) prostitution is still, for the most part, illegal, and b) the words “human trafficking.” Apparently some of the workers were a bit on the young side. Ages were not given, but the prosecutor on the case questioned how Barron could operate such a business with girls, who were “about the same age as your own daughters.”

click Okay, things are starting to get a bit icky.

source site Barron previously owned a similarly themed business. It ended up closing after someone was assaulted on site.

go Barron’s age was not disclosed in reports, but at seven to nine years and given her obvious attractiveness and physical fitness level, she could still have a future upon release. Let’s just hope that future doesn’t involve the words “massage,” “spa,” or “gentlemen.” Perhaps a flower shop?

accutane generic versions (Featured Image: Salem Police Department)

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