Loralyn Huval Arrested for ‘Prohibited Sexual Conduct Between Educator and Student’

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=safe-prednisone-dosage-5mg There’s but brief information via press release regarding the arrest of Opelousas High School teacher trainee, Loralyn Huval, for sexual relations of some kind with a student of some unknown age and gender at her school. The police will only say an investigation is ongoing and provided little detail. Huval’s high school in Opelousas, Louisiana also immediately issued a statement stating Huval was removed from the classroom pending outcome of her arrest. Huval seemed to have saved them time by resigning.

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source Every Southern state now seems to have one of these educators can’t sleep with student laws given that their ages of consent for the general public tend to be low. In Louisiana, that age is 17, but a teacher may not have sex with any student in their school until the student is 21 years of age, unless they are less than four years apart in age. So, a 21 year old teacher could boff a 17 year old student quite lawfully and eagerly. Huval is 28, so that math is off the table. Though based on the arrest, the student she’s accused of manipulating the genitals of is 17 or older.


lasix diuretic side effects As to gender of the student, it’s not mentioned in the arrest report. A quick review of Huval’s social media accounts show her to be an athlete and athletic trainer by college background. Also, pictures of her really only with other girls, no boyfriends in the mix. Make of that what you will. I make of that that she likely vacations on the Isle of Lesbos. Call me, Columbo. 


source site Yet another late 20-something female teacher busted for sex with a student. This is a pandemic, which I think is epidemic squared! 

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