Lisa Garcia is pretty much the reason women don’t get believed. While the #MeToo movement has done a lot to open the eyes of men and society-at-large to the horrors of sexual harassment and abuse, it has had to fight interlopers like Garcia who enjoy playing victim at the expense of men who didn’t really do anything wrong.

prednisone online no prescription And that gives the wrong people a lot of ammunition.

source link In Garcia’s case, the 23-year-old decided to retaliate against her ex-boyfriend Brandon Berrott by utilizing his social media accounts to send herself threatening messages. She also utilized a prank phone call app for the same purposes.

Brandon Berrott, the ex-boyfriend/victim.

go to link Berrott had to endure the trauma of being arrested eight times in a three-month period for the fraudulent actions of Lisa Garcia.

purchase prednisone without prescription “She didn’t do it once, she didn’t do it twice, she did it eight different times,” said Berrot’s attorney, Carl Moore. “Nobody believed [Berrott], so he was put on house arrest after making bond, as a measure to protect the accusers.”

source url Berrott was placed under arrest so many times, Moore said, that he lost his job and his family paid out “tens of thousands of dollars” on bonds and legal fees to get him out of the joint, the KHOU report stated.

go to link Defense attorneys can be a lecherous lot, but Moore has a point when he says that he blames “the Baytown Police Department as much as anyone for continuing to accept these charges without doing the proper investigation.” Moore and Berrott should probably go through with a civil action, which they are now considering, because the police did not have a very good response when asked why this was allowed to go down eight times.

go to link Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris said the “very first and foremost priority is the preservation of life. … So when we see these threats like this against somebody’s life, we have to take them seriously.” Dorris added that this does not normally happen and the department “would never want to jail an innocent man,” but the department is faced with unique challenges involving electronic manipulation. Of course, the easy rebuttal to this for Moore and Berrott would be, “That’s why you investigate instead of looking at the accused’s skin tone and booking him.” (Featured Image: Baytown Police Department)