Lisa Belyew Was Eventually Going to Stab Somebody in the Chest

side effects of prednisone steroids lupus Something you won’t see in California travel brochures and commercials featuring The Golden Gate and Hollywood is the extensive unpopulated mountainous forest lands of central Northern California that serve as the transient living spot for a number of life’s fringe element. Some people seek out an isolationist’s life in the mountains because they seek peace. Others, meth. Or penning anti-police websites and YouTube channels in between an endless cycle of arrests and imprisonment and facial tattoos.

comprare viagra pagamento contrassegno Under the name “Storm”, Lisa Belyew publishes a blog detailing with her strong feelings that law enforcement and the justice system are running pedophile raping rings and abusing good Americans like herself who know to much. Her YouTube Channel features Belyew waiting for law enforcement to harass her or her husband for parole violations, illegal camping, trespassing, or various and sundry other offenses. Belyew would say she and her husband are the real victims. Local cops would likely say they can’t stand these people as they take up ninety-percent of their time with their off-the-grid meth-induced antics.

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blue plus accutane Belyew has been arrested several times in the past for various crimes but none that would hold her for any given time in prison, which some might argue would be a superior resting place for her head each evening:

source url Deputies said Belyew had been released on her own recognizance from Colusa County after prior charges of assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence and destruction of property.

prednisone 20 mg oral Well, there’s your problem. In her latest episode of homemade Cops, Belyew’s husband showed up wandering the streets with a knife wound to the chest he claims came courtesy of his wife. This arrest might just stick. If you bothered to do a pathology timeline, you could probably draw a straight line from the moment Lisa Belyew as Storm first got her WordPress blog going to the time she stabbed her husband (who she refers to routinely as brain damaged) in the chest.

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get link They say this is OUR land! from Lisa Belyew on Vimeo.

There’s a rough balance of morality between rural county sheriffs who are prone to abuse their power and long time drug addicted squatters and petty criminals who take up an inordinate amount of their time. A very chicken and egg type relationship that generally wastes of ton of energy and resources. Let’s just say, if you were prone to abusing people, these would be the people you might choose. Defenseless yes, also, truly annoying.

Rural America doesn’t own any more crazies than the more urbanized regions. It’s merely that the anti-social are relative to population. You probably have a nut job neighbor within half a mile of you if you live in the big city. But you also have several hundred if not thousands of other semi-normal people in the same distance to counter balance. In the woods, you can’t escape the Belyews. In the city, keep your head down and don’t sign any petitions at cardboard tables outside the grocery store.


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