Lincolnshire Beatdown Caught On Social Media

Normally when we bring you news stories about psychotic women, we have names to go with it, but with easy access to video technology and social media, some things become news before the particulars can be worked out. Such is the case of an attack caught on video in Lincolnshire this week. U.K.-based news site The Express was the first to report on it outside the typical social media channels. Here’s what happened.

The video shows a woman come up to the man — seated on a park bench — right before she just starts wailing. She lands about five shots to the poor guy’s head before he brings his legs up into the “please stop beating the hell out of me” position. The aggressive attack continued with his defense providing only a minimum amount of support before she knocked him off the bench and kept working.

No idea how this one turned out, though the news site claims that it has put an unanswered call into Lincolnshire Police. Regardless, the court of social media opinion has already passed judgment and there were a number of people rethinking the “never hit a woman” trope after witnessing the attack, while others commended him for keeping his cool about him.

“Disgusting,” wrote one angry viewer, “but good on the bloke for not hitting her back.” Others stated this would be “horrifying” if it were the other way around, perhaps not realizing that it’s pretty horrifying as-is.

Of course, what the video does not show is the relationship between the two — like, did this guy pop off first, did they know each other, just break up? — but it’s a pretty safe bet this wouldn’t be socially acceptable behavior regardless of the connection (if any).

One thing most people have agreed on is the person filming the video won’t be winning the medal of valor award any time soon. “So instead of standing there and filming it why didn’t someone ask if they could at least help?” asked one commenter, not realizing the answer was probably something to the effect of “Didn’t wanna get my ass kicked, too.”

Technology … sure doesn’t make us any braver, does it?

(Featured Image: The Express, linked above)