Palmdale, CA can be quite chilly in the winter. It was on a January night in 2013 that officers discovered two young children huddled beneath a blanket, hiding under a parked car not far from where the lived. The children were siblings, a boy and a girl, ages 7 and 8. Earlier that evening, their adoptive mother, Ingrid Brewer had called police to report them both missing.

The children told officers they had run away to escape abuse. They said that Ingrid beat them with cords and a hammer. She tied them up, made them sleep on the floor, fed them only a bowl of oatmeal a day, and forced them to use a bucket as their bathroom. She threatened to kill them both if either of them ever told anyone about what she did, and because she home-schooled them, they had no teachers or trusted adults to turn to. Officers found marks on the children that corroborated the abuse and arrested Ingrid.

The house where the abuse occurred. (Image: Google Maps/Daily Mail)
The house where the abuse occurred. (Image: Google Maps/Daily Mail)

Ingrid had once lived in L.A. with the children, where she worked at UCLA Medical Center as a nurse’s aid. When she lived there, a neighbor called a county hotline to report her suspicions of abuse. She said she had seen Ingrid slap the boy, and that neither child ever smiled or laughed. Yet, nothing was done. Ingrid would later move to Palmdale and the neighbor would never see her or the kids again, save for on the news.

Ingrid was ultimately sentenced 7 to life for torturing the youngsters, but as vile as Ingrid is, she was but one piece of a terrible machine. Ingrid was a monster, but there were numerous warning signs that someone should have caught. In a recent lawsuit filed on behalf the children, she is named alongside four social workers and a foster family agency called Aspiranet. Aspiranet recruited Ingrid as a foster parent in 2006, and sent her 23 different children, including the two half-siblings she adopted and abused. Reports of abuse were filed regarding eight of those children, and each time, some moron found the report to be inconclusive. What’s more, there were two calls made to a county hotline accusing Ingrid of abusing her own biological children, dating back to 2001. Those, too, were found to be inconclusive. Despite her less than stellar record, the agency still allowed her to adopt the two half-siblings, and ignored big, fat red flags like how she never referred to them as her children, and how one social worker noted the boy’s favorite activity seemed to be picking lint from the carpet as he had not a single toy. If that ain’t a disgusting example of neglect and ignorance, then I don’t know what is.

Image: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department