Lauren Wilder Arrested for Sex Atop the Cincinnati SkyStar Wheel

free cialis doesage Here’s the short form side story to every carnival attraction ever built — couples are going to have sex on it. It’s not exactly clear what attracts especially drunk couples to take a turn having a turn on rides, but since their invention, that’s what’s been happening.

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top 200 drugs 2012 brand generic viagra Lauren Wilder, 31, and her boyfriend, Michael Mathisen, 31, were busted for being drunk and humping on the SkyStar Wheel set up in Cincinnati’s downtown. It’s a portable attraction designed to move from city to city, and presumably, provide sex spots for inebriated couples.

Sky Star Wheel offers views of downtown Cincinnati
and couples going at it one gondola over.

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source link Cincinnati cops seem to have a better sense of humor than other jurisdictions because upon arresting the couple for having sex in one of the SkyStar’s enclosed gondolas, they merely slapped them with disorderly conduct charges. And that included the drunk part too.

female viagra women According to irate and excessively concerned parents on the ground, Wilder and her boyfriend’s sexcapades could have been seen by children. It was after all only 6pm in the evening when the couple were scrumping in the window-laden gondola.

prednisone from online drugstore no prescription In some locales, they’d be looking to slap some sex crimes charges on couples for putting on a public sex act. So credit to the local 5-0 for scaring the bejesus out of the couple then releasing them on their own recognizance after a stern lecture and some booking photos.

Some Couples Dig the Sex in Public Thrill We’ve covered a number of cases of women and their favorite male-friend going at it in a public spot, even often with families and children in the immediate vicinity:

Ashley Carrelli and her beau were aroused by jungle gyms and monkey bars apparently. Martina Loosemore, you may make fun of her name, and her special lady friend, were busted in a park in England going at it like two, well, horndogs of the female variety.

viagra and drug test Desiree Anderson had the temerity to have sex with her ex-husband of all people at the Wisconsin State Fair. She smiled for the cellphones taking her video.

india generic accutane airborne Ashley Carrelli and her boyfriend decided being across the street from an elementary school playground was the best place to have some morning sex in Canton, Ohio.

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