canada mastercard ambian levitra As with teachers, the first rule of social workers dedicated to the care of children is, don’t have sex with the children. I haven’t read the actual manuals, but I’m assuming that’s either on top of page one, or heavily implied throughout the document.

buy cialis on line Lauren Michelle Myers, 26, a case worker at Families First Network in the Pensacola, Florida area, strove to help find placement for children into foster care with the hopes of longer term adoptions. To prove she walked the walk, the then married Myers, took in a teen boy into her own home under foster care, and later completed the necessary paperwork to adopt the boy. Oh, how nice. But as it turns out, Myers was having sexual relations with the teen boy, which under Florida law is criminal on multiple grounds, not the least of which that one that says social service workers can’t bang their teen cases, before or after, you know, adopted them as their own children.

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source site Myers husband obviously knew what was going on as he divorced his wife but nine days before she was arrested based off a tip. Could that tip have come from her brand new ex? You’d assume so, though you’d have to imagine somebody working in the social services field also has many friends trained to spot criminal sex acts in homes, and one of them might turned on their former coworker for breaking the cardinal rule. Myers essentially copped to the illicit sex upon her arrest, even if her teen boyfriend/adopted son didn’t want her charged and told the cops he thought the sex was all legit, as he was nearly 18. For his part, the State’s Attorney declared this case perhaps the most bizarre of its kind. Which obviously means he hasn’t lived his whole life in Florida, where you expect to read about such instances daily in your local rag’s crimeblotter. Myers was given six years in prison as a sentence for her crime. Followed by probation and a registry on the sex offender list. This is certainly a harsher term than her female teacher counterparts seem to be receiving in their sex with students cases, though Myers committed the offense of adopting a troubled teen under her professional care and proceed to hump him nightly in the rumpus room. So, that’s got to be more years.