Laura Rich Taught Sexual Education To Students Outside Her Classroom Another day, another fairly attractive and seemingly normal female high school teacher marauding the innocent and benevolent teenaged boys of her classroom.


order cheap viagra Laura Rich substituted at a high school outside Atlanta and at some point, she decided to start inviting her students back to her place for some cookies and sex. One student was eighteen, the other sixteen, both statutorily legal in the state of Georgia, if it weren’t for those darned teachers-can-bang-their-students laws going up in every state because the sunset on fun was years ago.

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Laura Rich loved her students, especially the muscular teen boys.
Laura Rich loved her students, especially the muscular teen boys.

cialis generico 10 mg online Rich was booked and released on $22,000 bond, to return in the future to face potential jail time and various other sexual offender penalties. The school district was quick to make note that they had severed all ties with Ms. Rich, because with the public school system being what it is today, it’s best to bucket the sex offender teachers into those excommunicated and those still teaching and winning many awards while rumors are swept under the rug. Of course, a crime has been committed. Nobody is above the law. But it’s high time we make another law preventing people from boldly stating that if this were a male teacher and one of his high school students men wouldn’t be so cavalier about the proceedings. Which is true. Also, a straw man.

click here Men understand better than anybody else how predatory men are, most especially those who fornicate with teen girls when they are well past those years. Men also understand the emotional context of being a teenaged boy with an attractive teacher wanting to expend her emotionally unsteady state upon your under-utilized manhood. There may be many psychiatric experts to intervene and explain the subconscious damage done to teen boys when older women climb on top of them. But not a single man is buying it as remembered from his own teen self. Therefore, the cavalier attitude. Men have a desire to protect young women, daughters, sisters, mothers. They feel much less sympathy for boys having sex back at their teacher’s cool bachelorette apartments. This might be seen as a good thing. Laura Rich, no bronzed apple award for you. Just know that every boy in the school was hoping their regular teacher would be sick every single day.

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