enter site Who even knows where the electrical room of a restaurant is located? Okay, the manager, probably the electrical contractor, and one very horny 31-year old special ed Central High School teacher, Laura Ramos, who has now been charged for sexual conduct in said electrical room, and in her car, with a second high school student.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=buy-branded-cialis Ramos had previously pleaded not guilty to charges of a long term sexual encounter with an eighteen-year old student just a couple months ago. That after a long investigation and a long series of Ramos denying she and the boy ever engaged in sexual activity. The cops apparently had indications otherwise and arrested Ramos for sexual assault, facing up to ten years in prison. That’s when Ramos’ husband showed up to the arraignment to hold her hand and show his support.

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source link No word yet on how the marriage is going now that Ramos has once more pleaded not guilty to yet another sexual encounter or series of those electrical room and car boffings with another student from the school. In this case the boy seems to be cooperating, including handing over texts from Ramos wherein she claims her husband neglects her and sex with him is the best she’s ever had. This teacher know how to work the boys.


go Police believe Ramos likely had sex with four boys in the high school, wherein she was noted for routinely flirting with her students, texting them with high school peer aged questions like why one boy she likes doesn’t like her, and obviously consummating a ton of times over the course of many months with multiple teen boys.

buying tadalafil australia I hate the word addiction because of its broad classifications, but if you’re head over heels into something both illicit and almost certain now to cost you your husband, baby child, and spend ten years in the slammer, you’re probably out of control. Electrical room sex with teen boys may be the shit, but you simply don’t see teachers doing it with their kids everyday. Maybe, every other day at this point.