Laura Bucy Pleads Guilty to Sex With 17-Year Old Student

viagra online australia You know the old story. Divorced mom of three teacher invites the strapping teen boy to her Home Economics classroom to help clap the erasers and ends up humping him on her desk. Pretty classic tale. Not quite Snow White, more Cinderella XXX.

You have to feel somewhat sympathetic toward Laura Bucy, 32, the Twinsburg High School teacher from Ohio who got turned in for doing the nasty with her student by her very own ex-husband. How he found out isn’t quite explained, but presume that once he did, as an angry ex, he spotted his opportunity to really mess up his ex-wife’s life.

Laura was charged in September of 2018, shortly after the ex turned her in, with multiple charges related to the one-time sex in the classroom at Twinsburg High, including sending naked photos of herself to her young love. Naturally, on Snapchat. The home of all things illicitly sexual and supposedly confidential.

Laura was that teacher every kid at school loved, some more physically so than others.

As always, there was the initial, “I didn’t do it”, followed by the lamenting and rationale of why it happened. In this case, Bucy claims she was overwhelmed with all of her child-care duties, attending college on the side, and her full-time job teaching kids how to sew and make cookies. Also, in an ironic twist, she said the 17-year old boy reminded her of her ex-husband. If she only knew.

Now almost a year later, Bucy has taken a guilty plea deal. All the charges were condensed into a single sexual battery offense. She will be sentenced for the crime of sex in the classroom, a cliche in the least, on August 29th. We’ll keep you updated in case you want to write her letters or such in prison. I’m told she’s a good Snapchatter.

So the funny Home-Ec teacher had a one-time bouncy bouncy fun time
with a 17-year old student. Is that such a crime? Apparently, yes.

Oh, and shame on you ex-husband. Mom didn’t need to be taken away from the kids if this is literally the worst thing you had on her. Based on social media pictures, she seems to be that teacher at school every single kid loved and wanted to take graduation selfies with. Okay, so one kid loved her more than others. Is that such a crime?

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