go If you’re like me, you’re shocked by this latest story. I mean, do they really still teach Home Economics in high schools in 2018? They must, because Home-Ec teacher Laura Bucy, 32, was arrested this week at Twinsburg High School in Ohio for having had intercourse in her classroom during school hours with a 17-year old student.


farmacia viagra generico 200 mg a Verona The mother of three who appears to be recently split apparently launched this illicit relationship by exchanging saucy messages and saucier photos on Snapchat with her teen male student. I’d go with roughly 99% of these sordid tales originating on social media messages, with a strong percentage therein tied to Snapchat, an app literally built on the traffic of teen nude selfies. Once you’ve started sending titty pics to your student, it’s but a hop-skip-and-jump into the sack, or in this case, buying him vaping oil and weed, letting him smoke in your classroom, nibbling on his neck in the pantry area of the Home Ec classroom leading to much more than nibbling after the lunch hour. Sex!

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best place to buy price generic cialis pills Bucy may have gotten away with this singular sexual encounter had it not been for her own conscience. According to the police reports, she visited the home of the father of her ex and blabbered a sexual confession with the apology that the boy reminded her so much of this man’s son, her former husband. That’s what a father-in-law wants to hear. Whether he was concerned for her safety or just plain angry, dad called the cops and the investigation went from there. Now Bucy’s facing serious charges for the sex and the electronic transmission of her lovely unclothed photos to a minor. Polaroids might even be less of a criminal bother.


acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Milano Twinsburg High was quick to issue a statement assuring the public they had done everything by the book; that book apparently written to help Home Ec teachers bang their teen students in the fake classroom pantries.