here Last year in 2017, the United States Postal Service made 5,500 arrests across the country for mail theft. Assume they only nab a small number of offenders. And that’s only official USPS deliveries, not FedEx, UPS, etc. If my local NextDoor complaints are of any statistical value, package thievery from front stoops is even worse this year, most especially leading up to Christmas when opportunistic thieves await gifts to be delivered to homes when normal folks are at work or watching The View in the sunroom and poach their booty.

enter If you watch an assortment of Ring porch cam videos of such thefts you will notice a heavy prevalence of young to middle aged women involved in the package purloins. These women are often dressed and appearing like any other neighbor lady in the area, and thus are unencumbered by any suspicion as they traverse the residential streets snatching packages from the fronts of homes and apartment buildings. There are obviously thousands of these larcenous ladies out this time of year, but we had to pick one to symbolize the girls gone bad season, and we chose Lana Krupka, 42, also known as Lana Thomas, in San Antonio circles.

order propecia New Braunfels (a suburb of San Antonio) police received a 4:30 am call on December 23 of a lady nosying around mailboxes in the area. They grabbed up Lana Krupka sliding into her Jeep, which was crammed with hundreds of letters and packages addressed to a multitude of families in the local subdivisions. Oh, Lana, you are a grinch.

real viagra price germany Cops also found evidence of methamphetamine in her car, which probably provides some indication of why she was stealing everybody’s Christmas presents before the holidays. Not like meth grows on trees. Though if it did, expect that Krupka would move near those trees and continue to steal packages. It’s a hard habit to break.

no prescription real cialis Krupka is facing five years in the clink, but expect that to be pleaded down to some kind of many months and or community service. A crying woman and mother is hard to convict, even in Texas.