Lakewood High School Teacher Mary Jahn Denies All the Underaged Lesbian Sex Allegations

go to site In an effort to be fair, and because it’s rather rare in these cases, Long Beach, California area teacher Mary Jahn denied all sex-with-underaged female student charges loaded into her arrest last week.

can woman take canadian levitra A female student at Lakewood High School where Jahn taught until her recent removal, claims the lesbian-married Jahn began grooming her as a Freshman in 2006 continuing up to graduation in 2011 when she consummated the relationship with lots of sex and penetration with foreign objects. All of which Jahn has been charged with in her nine count felony indictment for various sexual acts with a person under eighteen years of age.

canada pharmacy viagra professional generic Post-arraignment this week, Jahn and her attorney both expressed a belief that Jahn would be exonerated when all the facts of the case are presented. Jahn one-hundred percent denies any of the charges in the case. Which again, is rather rare in these teacher sex cases since most of the ladies, once arrested, tend to admit to everything while framing the escapades as some kind of romance.

see url While not giving away their defense, Jahn’s attorney seemed to hint that Jahn and this girl continued their relationship even after the girl left high school six years ago, and up until earlier this year. That was the time the now 20-something woman went to the police with her tales of high school sex from some years earlier. The inference being that perhaps this is a jilted lover situation looking for revenge and making up underaged sex stories to burn Jahn. On its face, that at least seems like a plausible alternative possibility. You know, a woman scorned and all that. And here’s Jahn, a totally innocent 50-year old woman having a statutorily legal affair with her 20-year old former student. Life bites you like that unexpectedly.

canadian viagra buy online without prescription Jahn is facing serious prison time based on these felony counts, so her defense is no minor matter. One hardcore deposition ought to clear this up right quick. The thing about vindictive people, they tend to crack fairly easily in their lies. All that rage. It makes you horrible at sticking to stories.

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