Kyandrea Thomas Arrested

Lots of people don’t like kids. They can be annoying, repetitive, loud, and whiny. But that is definitely no reason to go around actively torturing them. That’s a message Kyandrea Thomas should probably hear after being connected to two horrible cases of mistreatment. The latest involved Kyandrea giving birth to a baby girl and promptly depositing her in a trash can inside the bathroom of a Baton Rouge, La., Walmart. Apparently she went into labor while collecting money for the Salvation Army outside the store and decided, “What the hell, I’ll just toss it.”

Thankfully, News10 reports, someone got to the little tyke before the worst happened, and police and fire authorities are hopeful for a full recovery. However, the story was anywhere from “seconds to minutes away” from having a different outcome. A deputy police chief close to the investigation said that “Any time an infant is left unattended for the first four hours or so of its life, it’s life-threatening.”

The fire department has since provided a temporary name — Olivia, fittingly enough — though it was not clear at the time of this post who would end up receiving custody of the child. It certainly shouldn’t be Thomas, especially considering this is not the first time she has been involved in a horrible crime against a child.

In 2009, she and two other daycare workers were arrested and charged with negligent homicide for their involvement in the death of a 3-year-old, who was left to die in a hot car for six hours. Thomas’s punishment included five years probation and 10,000 hours of community service. Clearly, it was a lesson well-learned. Here we are seven years later, and she’s looking at a second degree attempted murder charge of her own flesh and blood.

Other possible punishments to run in conjunction: forced sterilization and perhaps allowing her nowhere near a person under five feet tall for the rest of her life. Like maybe force her to carry around one of those measurement walls outside the rollercoaster and bumper cars?

(Featured Image: Baton Rouge Police)