Kristin Vinecke Sent Her Ex-Boyfriend 1,000 Nasty Texts, Then One More That Put Her in Jail I’ve only ever had one angry ex-girlfriend and she was pretty lazy and gave up the ghost pretty quick on revenge by a thousand pin pricks. The ex-boyfriend of Kristin VineckeĀ of Butte, Montana wasn’t quite so fortune

canadian levitra The unnamed ex of Vinecke began receiving angry texts from an anon phone number this past September. The profane texts kept coming and coming during work hours, until the man went to police to complain that he couldn’t get anything done because his angry ex was sending him abusive texts all day long. The cops charged Vinecke with stalking and numerous counts of electronic communications harassment. Under her release order, Vinecke was specifically instructed to not contact her ex-boyfriend in any manner. And you know how amazing the self-control is of a scorned woman who’s already sent over a thousand texts. Yeah, that amazing.

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follow Vinecke was arrested by cops this past week for violating her release order when she felt she just had to reach and out touch someone, namely, her ex, with more sweet nothings. Such is the fickle nature of love. And stalking.

accutane side effects after use Naturally, Vinecke’s social media pages reveal her to be a completely happy single mom with upbeat memes and positive family photos. I’m beginning to think online profiles may not be the most accurate true-self portrayals available. Though for the record, I can tell you that women who wear hats are almost entirely on the edge of the ledge. Fair warning.
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