Korean Lesbian Filmmaker Busted for Sexually Assault On Another Korean Female Director

prezzo viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Napoli This one I’m pretty sure has never happened before in Hollywood, at least not so publicly. Recently film festival awarded and proudly proclaiming lesbian Korean filmmaker, Lee Hyun Joo, has announced her early retirement from the Korean Film Academy and work altogether after being found responsible for the “date rape” of an unnamed fellow female Korean film director.

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can levitra cause a heart attack The charges stem from an incident this past Fall where the two female filmmakers and others were out celebrating with cocktails after a Korean film event. The victim was deemed to drunk to return home that evening so her peers checked her into a hotel room to sleep it off. Fearing leaving her alone in a hotel room, Lee Hyun Joo volunteered herself to stay with her fellow female filmmaker. At some point before the next morning, sex ensued.


cialis soft how to buy now According to Hyun Joo in her defense statements, it was mutual lesbian lovemaking, in fact, initiated by the victim. Sounds familiar if you’ve ever read date rape case defense testimony before. In her own statement about the events, Hyun Joo maintains it was consensual sex and that her story was never allowed out fully during court proceedings. Nevertheless, she’s retiring from the film world:

acquistare viagra generico 50 mg consegna rapida a Parma  “Films were my entire life. They were what I lived for until now. However, I will take responsibility for this and I will no longer do any film work. I apologize for making you worry.”

vardenafil online italia consegna veloce For her part, the victim claims in a counter statement to the public that she doesn’t remember a thing from that evening other than she woke up undressed with Hyun Joo insisting they had had sex. In the very least, she implies she was far too drunk to consent to anything. Also that it was her boyfriend who convinced her that what had occurred in the hotel room was a sexual assault and to file charges.

accutane causing pupils to change Hyun Joo had been a fast rising star in the Korean cinematic arts. Now she’s going to prison for two years, with a bunch of probation and sex offender education classes. In related news, a Korean film festival leadership apparently tried their best to cover up this sexual assault when they first learned about it. Ruh-roh.

key before then buy canadian levitra online Photo credit: Soompi.com

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