Everything’s bigger in Texas. Including fairly rampant teacher-student sex crime cases. Unless the state is out of whack in terms of reporting and arresting teachers for such crimes, it truly does seem to lead the nation in such illicit relations cases.

follow link The latest this hour being Kirstin Pike, 28, a Dickinson, Texas high school teacher who was arrested this past week for a sexual encounter with a 15-year old student in her classroom in September, 2016. No word on why it took two years for her arrest, but the boy himself is named as the snitch in the case, which should make everybody sad if they’re of the male persuasion. All we know about the case is that the sex seemed to be a one-time event that September, involved intercourse, and took place in Pike’s classroom at Dickinson High School. At least she had the good roommate decency not to borrow somebody else’s room for her dabble into statutory rape.

prednisone 5 mg dose pack Pike was charged with improper relations between a teacher and student. She bonded out of County Jail and won’t be back until November 20 for more fun times. Dickinson High School officials immediately issued a press release letting the community know how they did everything right the minute they discovered something was wrong. Still, one of their adult employees had sex with a kid in their school in the school. That’s oh, so bad when it comes to future civil suits.