This one’s a little more difficult to follow in terms of our now daily reporting on female teachers and underaged male students. Megan Lyn Selfe, 25, of Oxford, North Carolina, was arrested for the statutory rape of a male of age 15 or less, which sounds dubious. She is currently, or was until a few weeks before her arrest, a kindergarten teacher at the Henderson Collegiate Elementary charter school in nearby Granville County. Though that school was quick to point out that Selfe was not employed in their service as of the date of her statutory rape and indecent liberties with a child arrest. Not sure how much better that makes the parents of the kids in her class feel. Probably not a ton. Still, it was the lead in the CYA letter the school sent out to parents. Close one there.

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viagra generico 200 mg online prezzo piu basso a Firenze Local reporting papers have been unable to find out much detail on the source of Selfe’s arrest this week, as to when the charges occurred and she was also teaching at another school at the time of the offenses. With these cases, you must now necessarily look at her entire timeline working around boys and young men. While female predators are less likely to have a multitude of victims than their male counterparts, that doesn’t mean it is entirely unlikely.

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Henderson Collegiate Elementary School.

viagra generico prezzo piu basso a Milano There’s little available information on Selfe herself, save for some old school recordings of her vocal prowess, and a photo or two from her old social media accounts. She has the appearances of a choir girl in all of her public material. In fact, she may actually be a choir girl. She was a kindergarten teacher. That takes something of a saint, even if you do fancy them older middle school boys. We’ll update with details when they inevitably come out.

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