Elizabeth Dillet Prisonbound For Sex With Student

Elizabeth Dillett, 31, is a kindergarten teacher — or former kindergarten teacher rather — heading to jail. The woman reportedly seduced a boy, “age 16 or older,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He was described as “a former student” from when Dillet coached at St. Peter Immanuel School, and is said to now be in high school.

Running some really quick numbers, we are trying to figure out how he wasn’t in high school at the time if Dillett had sex with him engaged in intercourse while the boy was 16 years old. That usually makes you a sophomore in high school. While details are not readily available and may never be given the victim is a minor, the point is that as a teacher who works with the underaged, you shouldn’t be taking it upon yourself to teach an impromptu hands-on sex-ed class using your body as the model.

What’s worse, Dillett betrayed the trust of her friend in seducing the victim as she was helping the kid’s mom, a child protective services worker, through a stressful time by offering the, ahem, free child care. According to texts recovered between the two, police said there was “no doubt” as to the sexual interests that Dillett had in the youngster.

While many 16-year-old boys might find it brag-worthy to talk about sleeping with an attractive teacher, the hard truth is, their brains are still not fully developed and, as a judge pointed out, this is a time when they are supposed to be learning how to develop healthy relationships.

Furthermore, it’s not clear how much force was involved. Dillett is by most accounts a strong and athletic person. Depending on the 16-year-old, a 31-year-old woman could conceivably force herself on someone in this age group. The kid being a minor, we may never know. What we do know is that Dillett is now a registered sex offender and she will be serving the next two years of her life in prison.

(Featured Image: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office)