Kimberly Winters Is Latest Female Teacher Arrested For Sex With High School Student

go to link Loudon County, Virginia is loading up on the teacher arrests of late. The third this month being Kimberly Winters (Kimberly L. Winters to help distinguish from your friend Kim down the block), 32, an English teacher at Park View High School in Northern Virginia, charged with indecent liberties by a custodian. And no, not the janitor, but custodian as in somebody in charge of kids, as in, teacher. It all sounds so clinical the way it’s described in the arrest reports, but this may imply that the student in question was of legal age of consent, but still a student of Ms. Winters at Park View and therefore verboten.

watch According to police, Winters had sexual relations with a student at Park View HS between September and November of 2017. Why it took a year since the end of that torrid yet sad affair before her arrest is unclear. Detectives heading up the case are asking the public to come forward with any additional information regarding Ms. Winters, which could mean they suspect there might be more boys on her hit list.

discount accutane Having lived in Northern Virginia for some number of years, I can attest to the fact that Kimberly Winters looks about like 40-70% of the women in the region. Meaning, she could have committed any number of crimes in the area where police would have to work off of photo or eye-witness descriptions and gotten away with it for just about forever. But, Winters chose sex with a student as her illicit side gig. Now she’s being held on bond in deep deep doo-doo. Never assume your high school teacher is all that smart. Though horny wouldn’t be a bad assumption.

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