Kimberly Ross is going to look back one day from her jail cell and think, “This is how I got my criminal record!?” Seriously, if you are going to do something bad enough to get your butt thrown in the clink, at least aim higher than threatening a youth football league.

Ross will serve 23 months for her role in the scheme that got the 2015 Mount Pleasant youth football season canceled. Her crime: she helped one Joseph Loughner write threatening letters to team officials, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Loughner also got nabbed on the deal, pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of conspiracy, making terroristic threats and harassment for sending the letters. Additionally, he had three felony charges dismissed, and faced sentencing earlier in the year.

Jared Loughner: we’re thinking he included this picture as part of the threatening letter packages.

The news site did not give the full extent of Loughner’s punishment, though one would have to think it’s more severe than Ross’s, but then again, this is America and gender equality continues to elude us.

As for Ross, she won’t just be spending the two years locked up; she’ll also have to fork over a $16,000 fine after she is out. We knew Pittsburgh took their football seriously, but weren’t quite sure it went to this extent.

Considering Ross and Loughner were operating out of Steelers country, we suppose they should be counting their blessings the punishment wasn’t worse. They can at least take solace in the fact that there are people even crazier than them coaching youth football throughout the U.S. Exhibit A: Beech Grove, Ind., coach James Gann, who got picked up last year for punching a referee in the face during a game.

According to Fox59, Gann was charged with battery with injury, but we’re not sure how the sentencing shook out. Perhaps worse. Surely it you are held to a higher standard when you actually follow through on terroristic threats rather than simply making them, right?

As for Ross and Loughner, we’re pretty sure their outgoing mail will be getting screened for the next couple of years, so the boys of Mount Pleasant can gridiron in peace.

(Featured Image: Action News 4)