Kimberly Naquin preferred the young ladies at her high school; quaint, but still illegal. Destrehan High School history teacher Kimberly Naquin made headlines back in January when arrested for carnal knowledge with a sixteen year old high school female student at her school in Louisiana. Not only was the lesbian relationship something of a headliner, and the many romps back in her apartment with the teen, but Destrehan High School had two female teachers arrested only a year earlier for sexual activities with a sixteen year old boy at the school. Sweet sixteen seems to be celebrated in full swing at Destrehan.

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follow Naquin received five year active probation in her previous guilty plea to the sexual shenanigans at her home with the girl in question. Also, she was forced to register on the child sexual offense registry for fifteen years. On the charges of having sex with a student, and in the classroom of all places, Naquin pled guilty and received some additional not much probation and a five hundred dollar fine. This concludes the penalty phase of her case which now will clearly involve no jail time.

source site People will speculate as to the double standard applied to the female teacher in this cases versus a hypothetical male teacher. Speculate away. In certain states they are making a point to punish the jail time hell out of the lady teachers to make a point. In states like Louisiana, perhaps not yet.

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levitra originale consegna veloce Naquin is obviously no longer in the teaching profession. Perhaps years ago before the Internet and digital landscape you could ditch your old home state and start afresh far away teaching at a new school that had no clue. Those days are long gone. It’s hard to argue how that’s not a good thing. Except when trying to hide from speeding tickets received on road trips. That still seems unfair.