viagra generico 200 mg italia pagamento online a Torino You’d never want to live in a land without booze, even though it’d be undeniably less filled with idiocy and crime. So you must put up with the bar shenanigans of the likes of the mirthful petite workout girl, Kierah Lagrave, 22, a recent SUNY Oswego grad who took it upon herself to give a #MeToo choke out to a bouncer at a Plattsburgh, NY bar she mistakenly thought slapped her ass.

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overnight canadian viagra In the world of overreactions, putting a rear naked chokehold on a guy for copping a butt feel at a bar is probably a 6 or 7. When that guy is totally innocent of the groping, and you’ve drunkenly mistaken him as your gooser, then it rises to a 10.

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vardenafil originale durata As surveillance video clearly shows, Lagrave’s gal pal pats her on the ass as a joke when she’s not looking. Lagrave turns and sees the male bouncer walking past, jumps to a mighty conclusion, and wraps him up in a move she’s surely practiced many times in some kind of MMA or combat training class. Women rarely go for chokeholds unless trained. Especially so for the ladies standing all of 5-feet tall.

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10mg of accutane effectiveness Presume the bouncer was too stunned to react to his first ever choke-out from behind, and slipped gently into the goodnight, or in this case, onto the floor unconscious. Lagrave, the vibrant “I will not be a victim any longer” hero, was arrested on charges of felony strangulation, because that’s basically what she did. Not to mention, to a completely innocent and unprepared man. She was released on her own recognizance pending arraignment. Presumably a tiny bleached blonde bodybuilder with big fake breasts isn’t much of a flight risk. Though she should be expecting a call from the UFC soonish.

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