Kiara Cervantes Is Indeed a Customs and Border Patrol Sex Pot

comprare levitra online The great thing about the Internet is that it’s afforded people with jobs the opportunity to be as unproductive and obsessed with pointless minutia as those who heretofore had to be watching daytime television. While on the company dime, you can become obsessed with social media memes and viral videos. Genius age to be barely sentient.

erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation medicine This past week, the Vice President whose name you largely forget in between bi-monthly press conferences, visited a detention center at the border for photo-op to prove it’s no more horrible than your typical Holiday Inn. Low bar, but still, it is free.

During Pence’s visit to the various chain-linked pen holding Honduras’ B-students, cameras caught sight of a rather attractive and busty Latina Customs and Border Patrol officer. Naturally, since politics is incredibly boring, every male eyeball turned to stiffies over the seemingly too hot to be working for the government chick in the shot with the Veep.

Kiara Cervantes, ICE Bae, explains something to people who are mostly staring at her boobs

Shot of this mystery woman became a thing across the Internet because people love tits. Or half the people really love tits and the other half is vaguely intrigued. Also, half the people hate the Border Patrol who they errantly call ICE and want to abolish so gardeners and busboys can continue working for four dollars an hour. In fact, this unknown hottie was dubbed “ICE Bae” by people who spend tons of time on social media because real life is super hard.

A woman named Kiara Cervantes who seemed to fit the profile, as in, huge yabbos and a Latina accent, put up an account on Twitter claiming the be the mystery CBP officer in the news clips. She posted a few down-top shots and a low-cut video to prove her identity. That’s not actual proof, but who cares, it’s hot.

I see you brought your guns to the cop party, ICE Bae

Amid the controversy, actual spokespeople from the actual CBP issued a statement verifying that Cervantes was in fact their actual employee and that she had every right to have and exploit a social media account on her off time. You could read that as an enlightened position from a law enforcement agency. But it’s not. Rather, it’s an admission that they’re going through a tough time and now they’ve got a hottie with big boobs willing to distract everybody.

Have you heard anything about kids dying in cases the past 24 hours? I rest my case.

No way to predict where Cervantes’ newfound fame as the sexy border cop will lead. Obviously, we’re all playing for Rio Grande XXX. She claims to be a Democrat and a patriot, which may or may not both be true. It’s a great backstory. Especially for that future scene where she takes down four bad hombres as only Rio can.

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