Kerrie Lenkerd Arrested for Shooting at a Teen Having Sex With Her Neighbor’s Dog

go If you feel so inclined to have sexual intercourse with canines, you might consider not exercising your perverse proclivities in the vicinity of a dog rescuer and puppy lover who owns a gun and is not afraid to use it. It’d be easy to go low brow and call this perilous criminal tale of beastiality and vigilante justice so Arkansas. So let’s do that.¬†Kerrie Lenkerd spotted a teenager helping himself to the sexual parts of a neighbor’s dog from out her bedroom window. This was not the first time she’d seen the boy attempting to partake in such heinous delights. This time, she grabbed her gun and went to confront the sexual deviant. In addition to being a normal person who finds dog sex truly disgusting, Lenkerd happens to be a long time dog lover and activist. Bad timing for this kid.

discount warehouse rogaine propecia cheap Lenkerd confronted the teenager who was wearing only a t-shirt and boxers. The boy jumped the fence to make a run for it. For the love of sending a good message, Lenkerd shot into the grass near his feet. Dance, dog effer, dance! It seems she’s a good enough aim that she missed. The boy went scurrying down the road, probably wishing he didn’t dream of dogs all through every lonely night.

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before then buy vardenafil in costa rica Police arrested the teenager on two counts of beastiality. They also arrested Lenkerd for her firearms shots, on charges of aggravated assault. As you might imagine, there’s been a rather strong swell of support in the community to free Lenkerd. Perhaps a bit heavy handed in her response, and she certainly could’ve killed the boy with a bad shot, but she didn’t, and he was humping a dog that didn’t even belong to him, which seems doubly wrong.

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cialis professional free samples There’s a fundraising page for Lenkerd’s legal bills to fight the charges and a #Team Lenkerd hashtag. The former probably being a million times more helpful, if you’re so inclined.

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