Kerieda Beavers Sentenced

Kerieda Beavers and Tevael Parker were an oil-and-water mixture that just didn’t go together like shamalamalamalamalamalamadingdong. Earlier this year, the 22-year-old Beavers took a gun and fired three shots at Parker in the midst of a heated argument. One of those bullets struck Parker in the chin and traveled through into his brain causing death on Jan. 10. Now a jury has weighed in, and it looks like life in prison for Beavers with the possibility for parole after 18 years.

Prosecuting attorney Sherri Bevan Walsh, acting on behalf of Summit County, said she was “pleased my office was able to secure justice for this victim and his family” in an official statement, but Beavers — and this will come as a shock to those of you who are unfamiliar with convicted criminals — has maintained her innocence throughout the process and will pursue an appeal, according to defense attorney Jeff Laybourne. Laybourne told investigators “failed to find DNA evidence or gunshot residue linking Beavers to the gun used to shoot Parker.”

He continued: “[We] remain astonished by the jury’s ability to circumvent the lack of gun shot residue on [Beavers’] hands and clothes as well as the lack of her DNA on the firearm. Kerieda strongly maintains her innocence and we are confident that the Court of Appeals will come to a different conclusion than the jury.”

Gun residue, and we know this from scaring ourselves silly with hours of Investigation Discovery shows, is a telltale sign that a person has fired a weapon. No gun residue doesn’t exactly mean you’re innocent though.

Assuming the evidence is not there to overturn, Kerieda will have to depend on her good behavior if she wants to get out by the age of 40. Given the one murder conviction before her 23rd birthday, and this sterling pic from Facebook, we’re sure it’ll be nothing but good decisions from this day forward.

Young love.

No word on who the gentleman in the pic is, by the way. Just thought this piece could use a nice romantic pick-me-up.

(Featured Image: Summit County Prosecutor’s Office)