There have been no accusations of a crime, and Bravo TV’s Kenya Moore seems well within her legal and God given rights to draw down on trespassers on her swank Atlanta property, but talking about bad girls being really bad. That’s Kenya Moore chasing your sorry ass down her driveway waving a loaded gun.

According to Moore, she caught three trespassers jumping her gate on her security camera. Considering they were all hoisting their Millennial weapons of choice, cellphone cameras, it’s apparent they were invading her celebrity property more as a prank or YouTube views than for more sinister criminal purposes. Though what can be more sinister really than young people in need of social media likes?

Moore responded to the trespassers with a, hey, nice PDA’s, how do you like my Glock, and chased the three at full speed down and out of her driveway and property. Moore’s Detroit born and raised. They have snow in Detroit, just no snowflakes. She will have no more unwanted guests.

Numerous media outlets run by people who likes to believe the police will save them in time of crisis, or the wealthier ones who hire out private security guards with guns to take them to their gun control marches, challenged Moore’s armed defense of her home. Moore seemed pretty clear on her defense:

Listen, if some crazy MFs have the nerve—I have a gated property—they went around my gate. They went and trespassed. They did so many things that were asking for it, not only to be shot but an ass whoopin’. They’re just lucky they didn’t get both.

No matter how you may reflexively cringe when it comes to anything firearms, you have to respect a strong woman who looks after herself not just in some ways, but all ways. You don’t have to, but you should, or that next ass whoopin’ is coming for you. If I didn’t fear lightning strikes, I’d offer up a ‘You go, girl!’.