Kentucky Teacher’s Aide, Traci Flynn, Sentenced to 3-Years in Prison for Sexual Romp With 14-Year Old Boy

go to site The not-so-curious case of Kentucky teacher’s aide, Traci Flynn, 39, now comes to a conclusion. The mother and former Pulaski County Schools in-classroom assistant was sentenced to three years in prison without possibility of early release and a lifetime membership to the sexual offenders registry for her early 2017 arrest on multiple counts of rape and sodomy of a fourteen year old student, along with various electronics crimes associated with texting back and forth to arrange the sexual encounters. Eventually Flynn pled out to one of the sodomy charges and the electronics offense, resulting in the prison term sentence this past week.

click Flynn’s case gained some notoriety last year, not for it’s now altogether common case of female teacher and teen boy sexual intercourse, but because Flynn was arrested on her charges in Florida while attending the National High School Cheerleading Championships where her daughter was performing. When you imagine sexual predators being arrested at cheerleading competitions, you don’t imagine late 30-something moms and teachers. Perhaps that’s the very reason they believe they can get away with it. Imagine the male predator is far more aware of his chances of being caught before he enters his sick and twisted pursuits.

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follow site After release from prison, Flynn will be on supervised probation for an additional five years. That and her sex offender registry and Google search, will leave her wanting for people wanting to be part of her life, professionally or personally, ever again. You wonder if a fourteen year old boy is simply that irresistible to a mom of teens herself. Someday, somebody with more money and interns ought to research the answer to that question.
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