Kentucky Teacher Busted for Weed and Booze Party for Teens on New Year’s Eve

go site If you’ve ever wondered what the charge, “unlawful transaction with a minor” might entail, look no further than Lindsey Lewis, 36, a special education teacher at a high school in Mount Washington, Kentucky. The teacher and mom was hosting some kind of New Year’s Eve bash at her residence when neighbors called because the place was overrun with loud teens coming and going late night. By 1am, cops showed up and culled 14 underage teens from the party who were drinking and smoking weed. It’s unclear if Lewis actually provided the party products or merely let everybody hang and get their high on. Either way, being the cool mom has its price when the cops show up. I mean, in Kentucky. Here in L.A. as long as the parents are connected, it can be Drew Barrymore throwing back highballs at age nine and nobody’s going to the station.

does accutane cause weight gain Lewis was arrested on those 14 counts of unlawful transaction with a minor, which sounds like it might be misdemeanor territory, but it’s Kentucky so it could also mean firing squad and the principal explaining to kids after break why Ms. Lewis is no longer around, permanently. Either way, if any of the students from her school were at the party getting wasted, you have to figure she’s out of a special ed teaching job. By way of Kentucky tidbit, and I actually love the place, marijuana remains the number one cash crop in the state. Just saying, it’s like being busted in Carolina for serving pulled pork at your party.

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