Kentucky Mom Manages to Pull Cocaine from Vagina Hiding Spot While in Cuffs viagra coupons - Viagra similares precio. Order Viagra online with next-day Express Delivery and free consultation by a US licensed specialist, viagra Sometimes you read stories about late 20-something moms arrested for drinking and driving with their babies in the car, and they look like hell and it’s easy to blame drugs because it’s always addiction. Though in the case of Kathryn Ahlers, 28, of Kentucky, even her old social media posts show her to be an Insane Clown Posse Juggalo, so the Fates probably had it in for her before the drugs.

viagra online pharmacy Ahlers was arrested this past week after a bunch of people called the Winchester, Kentucky cops concerned that a very drunk woman was trying to strap a baby into a car seat in preparation to drive away from a bar. See something, say something. Be it terrorist or drunk white chick.

Cops got to the woman before she was able to pull away, finding her toddler in obviously uncared-for-condition with soaked diapers and hungry, and mom in no condition to operate a motor vehicle. So they arrested her for both.

Understanding the Juggalos, if you dare…

The little one was taken away somewhere relatively safe while Ahlers was cuffed and put into a squad car. At some point on the ride to the station, police officers noted Ahlers snorting lines of cocaine off of her cuffed hands. It’s then they noted she had removed a bag of coke missed on patdown from a place you don’t typically pat down on a DUI arrest — her vagina. Survival skills come in many forms.

Police officers urged her to reveal her entire cootch contents, assuring her that an intake officer would be inspecting her holes once they arrived for booking, and taking drugs into a jail offers double-time crime penalties.

Kathryn Ahlers revealed her secret hiding spot, leaving officers quite impressed by her dexterity in cuffs. Mama needs her blow.

What becomes of this Juggalo? Well, obviously nobody really cares. Hopefully, her child will be reverse Charlize-Theron’d and perhaps adopted by a rich black mom in Africa and taken out of Kentucky for forever.

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