Kentucky High School Choir Director Arrested for Sex at School With Student

levitra plus 20 mg photo Oldham County High School choir director, Haley Reed, 35, becomes the latest female faculty member arrested for sexual relations with a student at her school. In this case, the married singing teacher is charged specifically with eight incidents of both intercourse and oral sex with her student lover in school after hours between April and the beginning of June of this current year.

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enter site Before you bring up the fact that you’d never expect the choir teacher to be horning in on the male teen grubby delights of her fellow female peers across the nation, consider the multiple cases of choral instructors we’ve covered on here including Olivia Sondheim, 25, choir teacher, busted for sex with student in the back of her car, and the infamous Lacey Sponsler who performed commando cartwheels in class, flashing her vagina to her students in what she referred to as a simple mistake. It’s unclear who ratted out Reed, but presume it wasn’t the teen boy receiving hummers at 4:07pm in her locked classroom. Whoever the rat, Reed is facing the rather serious charges of multiple counts of third degree rape, multiple counts of sodomy (read that as oral sex in the South), and “unlawful transaction” with a minor, which probably is way more fun for the recipient than it sounds in legalese. Reed’s bond was set at $25,000, or about half the GDP of Kentucky when you eliminate weed and moonshine sales. She’s in big trouble.

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prednisone tab 5 mg There was a time when you perhaps would’ve laughed about the idea of the married choir teacher being an illicit sexual predator humping students in secret. That time is long gone. Rare is the 20’s or 30’s something female teacher these days who seems to be aware of the whole jailbait concept.
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