Kelsie Laura Schmidt Busted for Sending Nudes to Her Underaged High School Student

get link Belulah High School, North Dakota teacher, follow Kelsie Laura Schmidt, 24, was arrested this week on charges related to sending nude photos of herself to a 17 year old student last summer. The age of consent in North Dakota is 18, which also goes for sending nude photos; hence, the charges were related to luring a minor online. Naturally, this exchange took place on Snapchat, where underaged nude photos account for approximately 118% of all the platform’s traffic. It’s also the preferred communication tool of choice for teacher-student sexual affairs. If any adult is using Snapchat, simply arrest them now and save everybody some time.

follow link The investigation began when somebody at the school tipped off administrators of this exchange, which you will almost certainly trace back to a party pooper of a goody good student who heard the rumors around school and narced. Benjamin Franklin said that two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead. Not sure he said anything about Jealous Janices in high schools, but I’m sure he would’ve had something clever to say about busybodies.

propecia caused problems The male student in question apparently fessed up that he might have received photos from Schmidt that would “get her in trouble”. Which upon further review, was at least one topless shot and a second below the belt legs shot with the caption, “get a group and play naked hide and seek.” I must admit I have no idea what that means, but when receiving nude photos of your hot high school teacher, better not to ask any followup questions beyond the basic, “Moar?”

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