Kelsey Christine Wheeler, 27, of Portland, Oregon is definitely keeping Portland weird. And also gross. Very, very gross.

Wheeler is accused of offering to sell an “encounter” with her 3-year-old child to some pervert. Authorities say that they were investigating a man in Eugene, Oregon on suspicion of child porn. This man admitted viewing child pornography and told cops that he met Wheeler after responding to an online sex ad. He said that Wheeler was offering the “encounter” with the child for $1,000. It is not clear if that man has been arrested or is facing charges at this time.

Kelsey Wheeler

Wheeler told police that the man had offered her $6,000 for a mother-daughter fantasy. However, while she admitted that she herself had worked as a prostitute sporadically since she was 15 years old, she denied including the child. She said she played along with the man’s fantasies with the intention of meeting and robbing him, but never intended to allow him to touch the child.

Wheeler had been investigated in the past after she, a man and a child were all discovered in a hotel room in various stages of undress. Apparently, Wheeler admitted to police that things looked pretty bad. An affidavit stated, “She understood why investigators thought she was trafficking her child. Wheeler could not provide any evidence besides her testimony that she did not intend to traffic her daughter.”

Kelsey Wheeler (Image: Facebook)

According to Wheeler’s Facebook page, which is still up and being flooded with comments wishing her ill, she had gotten engaged earlier in the month and was very happy about “being a mommy.” 

Image: Facebook