Kelly Zawodniak Preyed Sexually On Underage Boys At Center For Troubled Youth, Police Claim It’s always puzzling when young women go out and resort to acts that will land them in hot water with authorities for no other reason than to get laid. While guys have a tougher time attracting people in the dating world, that’s not the case for the ladies. (Oh sure, maybe quality guys are hard to come by, but most single men — and even some taken ones — live quiet lives of desperation.) Kelly Zawodniak might not be a ravishing beauty, but there are definitely less attractive women, who have an easier time getting the fellas. Nevertheless, the 31-year-old’s sexual proclivities recently got her picked up on two counts of sexual assault and corrupting minors at a home for troubled youth, according to WPXI.


discussions prednisone side effects Zawodniak’s victims included a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old. Authorities claim someone at the Adelphoi Village in Latrobe, Pa., actually caught her in the act with the 18-year-old while sex-wrestling in the laundry room. Pursuit of the 16-year-old was said to be more one-sided with authorities not confirming a sexual encounter but admitting that Zawodniak left the younger boy an “inappropriate” note on his pillow. In both cases, the victims seem to have been chosen with “predatory” tendencies, and they were both in vulnerable positions. Zawodniak was, of course, fired by the center. And here’s the kicker about all of it — she managed to rack up these two cases while only working on the job for a grand total of eight days.

farmacia viagra generico 100 mg a Genova As Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Steve Limani concisely put it, “It’s preposterous somebody would even do that in eight days. To encounter two different individuals. It would appear it’s almost predatory in nature that she would be doing this type of action To think that if she could have just aimed her age sights a few years beyond those of the victims,’ she could have slept with men, who were every bit as immature but still legal. For some people, however, it’s just not worth doing unless you can break a law or two. (Featured Image: Pennsylvania State Police)

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