Kayla Safford Busted in Alabama for Teaching Sex Ed Outside of School

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=canadian-propecia-price-will-lower This is another one of these Alabama teacher-student sex cases that are certain to be tried in court based on what many perceive to be an unconstitutional law regarding teachers god-given Alabama right to have sex with students if they’re of the legal age of consent in the state. I think that’s 11. It might be 16. But the law says regardless of age, teachers are committing a crime if they bump uglies with students, even the older ones.


go Hence, substitute teacher, Kayla Safford, 24, turned herself into authorities this week after a warrant was issued for her arrest for having off-campus sex with a student from Florence High School in Alabama where she subbed. The student in question is 18, well into his Southern state age of majority, but Safford was still subjected to a Class C felony arrest for unlawful sex with a student.

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go here Safford’s attorney has already stated his intent to defend his client based on the potentially flawed Alabama law, which at least one judge in the state has already ruled is troubled at best, given that it denies the right of two consenting adults two get horizontal, regardless of their daytime titles. The results to date have been mixed, and more than one horny lady teacher with bad judgement sits in an Alabama jail awaiting a fuller decision on the law from the full State Supreme Court. The one Roy Moore used to sit on, by way of imagery.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=lasix-buy-online-overnight-ship Since her arrest, Safford has bonded out of County jail so she can spent time with family and friends asking her why in the hell she felt the need to hookup with a kid from the school where she teaches. It’s tough to explain. At least for guys they can point to their junk and say they lack control.

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