Katie Burnell Busted for Sex With Her Best Friend’s Underaged Teen Sons

viagra generico italia pagamento online a Bologna Among the many betrayal possibilities among grown friends, sleeping with their teenaged offspring behind their back has to be among the Top 10 most patently offensive. If it happened between two men, there’d probably be bloodshed of some kind. I’m not sure when happens when it occurs between two female friends, but presumably the besties label is currently off the table for forever.

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follow site Katie Burnell, 34, of Orange Park, Florida, was arrested on charges of sex with minors after Burnell’s friend found out that Dear Katie had been having sex with both her 17 and 15 year old son’s whom often hung out at Burnell’s house after school and on other occasions when mom needed a place for them to go in the afternoons. What a sweet friend. Or maybe not so much.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=20mg-generic-levitra-super-active-order-buy-online Burnell is reported to have lured the 17-year old boy into sex last October at her apartment beginning with a request for a shoulder rub, or a reverse gender version of the oldest guy trick in the world. Apparently, that sexual relationship ended not too long after, and over Christmas, Burnell pulled the same stunt with her friend’s 15-year old son. Not that this illicit sexual predation probably too much effort or urging. Maybe one moment of hesitation from the boys wondering if their mom would be peeved at them having sex with her good buddy, and that’s about it.


source When the boy’s mother, as yet unnamed in reports, learned of the sexual relationships, she motored straight to the cops who motored shortly thereafter to Burnell’s apartment for an arrest on charges of sex with minors. It is Florida, so they have to lay down those charges with a little tongue in cheek, knowing it’s fairly standard practice. Sorry, Florida, it just is.


does propecia really work for women Katie Burnell appears to be a divorced, relatively good looking woman (don’t judge her by her mugshot, she’s attractive) with options above the legal age limit, though opportunity plays a large part in these scandals, especially for the lazy lovers. Burnell’s ex-husband was reached for comment and could only muster that he really hoped the allegations weren’t true. Though he’s the ex-husband, so deep down, he probably knows already.

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