Kathryn Joy Woods Found Guilty of ‘Gross Indecency’ With Her 14-Year Old Student Back in the 1980’s

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=accutane-for-sale-buy-online-chats Australian teacher, Kathryn Joy Woods, now 59, after a trial that we covered back in the summer of 2017, was finally sentenced this past week for a ‘love affair’ she had with her 14 year old student back in 1984, when she was in her mid 20’s. According to Woods’ own love letters back in the day with the boy, she was madly and deeply in love with the pubescent kid, with lots of flowery over the top romantic notions and gestures.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=real-levitra-user-review In her own letters to the kid, Woods suggested that they had to be careful as an illicit couple not to ‘step over the line’ into some kind of, you know, less than super lovey-dovey pen pal relationship. Naturally, that didn’t hold, and some kind of sexual indiscretions ensued. The precise nature of those intimate moments between teacher and child who needs not yet shave regularly are up for debate. Woods claims not much, the boy in an adult-confession to the authorities all these years later claims a ton more. The courts seemed to settle on a middling ground that threw out the intercourse and assault charges, and convicted Woods on being super indecent with a young teen. They did not find her guilty of grooming the kid for sex, but rather, a really a misplaced bit of affection for the youngin’.


follow For her 80’s peccadillos, Woods avoided jail time and was whacked with tons of community service and something that sounds kind of like going to meetings and staying out of trouble in fancy English words. For her part, Woods maintains her innocence, though it’s unclear what she means by that since she has goofy romantic love letters written to a kid studentĀ  in her class which in the very least is incredibly off-putting. Ah, life before Snapchat. Consider yourself thankful, Ms. Woods. You would’ve gone nude selfies for sure.

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