A Texas mother is facing some serious prison time for allegedly starving her children to make them appear sick so that she could scam money out of generous well-wishers.

Katelyn Christina Carnline, 28, of Milano, Texas apparently told everyone that her young son had cancer, while her infant daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder called Inborn Errors of Metabolism, which prevents the body from absorbing food properly. To aid in caring for her ailing children, she asked for money via the crowdfunding site YouCaring. To add to the ruse, she shaved her son’s head and starved her daughter so that they would both appear ill. She also repeatedly took her children to the hospital, and told doctors that her baby had seizures. This led to doctors performing a series of unnecessary and invasive medical procedures.¬†For all of Carnline’s alleged lying, she¬†successfully bilked over $2,000 from sympathetic people who thought they were honestly helping two sick children.

Authorities say that both children have been removed from their mother’s care and are now being looked after by relatives. With proper care and nutrition, authorities say the children are both “healthy and thriving,” and that the baby girl gained five pounds in the space of a month. The father of the baby girl says that his daughter has not suffered a single seizure in his care.

In a similar case out of Alabama, Jennifer Lynn Cataldo was arrested for allegedly pretending to have terminal cancer so she could raise money for medical expenses and a family trip to Disneyland. She raised nearly $40,000 before she was arrested. An exam revealed that she didn’t have terminal cancer, or really, any kind of cancer.

What’s sadder? The fact that Americans are resorting to crowdsourcing to fund their medical expenses, or that so many people are falling for phony jackasses?

Image: Booking photo