Kate Scottow Arrested for ‘Misgendering’ and ‘Deadnaming’ A Trans-woman on Twitter

will 5 mg of prednisone help First, let’s get this out of the way — England. They aren’t so super different than the United State in many ways. In fact, we owe our system of jurisprudence to the Brits. But we’ve surpassed the Old Country in terms of liberal freedoms granted to the citizenry some centuries ago. Including that right to Free Speech. It’s far more curtailed and limited across the pond. Not only are the libel laws far more broad and heavily enforced, but there are often criminal complications for individuals violating speech restrictions.

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go Kate Scottow, 38, of Hertfordshire in England was arrested following an online argument with a trans-woman, Stephanie Hayden, in which Hayden claims Scottow repeatedly called her a “man”, “deadnamed” her, which is your word of the day and means referring to a trans-person by their previous gender and name identity, and all around was super mean and harassing in a argument over transgenderism. It’s unclear from the precise nature of the charges if Scottow was arrested at her home by police for what you might call “general harassment” or if she was arrested because “misgendering” is automatically tantamount to harassment, but either way, Scottow was arrested in front of her kids, brought down to the station, booked, printed, and spent seven hours in a holding cell.

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propecia results 5mg Scottow’s position vis-a-vis her argument was that it’s not possible for a person to change genders as a simple matter of choice. Science seems to have her back on that one. Hayden clearly felt differently, and clearly politics has her back on that end. So, they tussled, and perhaps Scottow wouldn’t quit, she certainly was using at least two separate Twitter accounts to go after Hayden, and Hayden filed a complain and had her arrested.

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prednisone 20 mg tab There’s still a ton to sort out her as to a legal ruling, as in, if you simple call a trans-woman a “man” or “Fred Smith” or whatever their name used to be, is that a crime, or is it only a crime if you do it insistently, and beyond some level where it becomes stalking and harassing? It’s super unclear because I don’t think the British people are super clear on these laws themselves, as they’ve flooded into existence in the past several years. Worth noting that many locales and states in the U.S. have similar such measures, though none of them have been tested Constitutionally and seem unlikely to pass that muster, somewhere down the chain.

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