Karmen Coleman Arrested

Karmen Coleman is a Mississippi woman, who continued a disturbing new trend of cat abuse at the end of 2016. She, along with two men whom police are still seeking out, shot a video for Facebook that featured a cat in a cage having a container of scalding hot water poured over it. The cat later died of its injuries, which, claim Moss Point Police, included burns over its entire body. Its body was found under a house close to the scene of the video.

The Clarion-Leger reports that under state law, “a person with malice shall intentionally torture, mutilate, maim, burn, starve or disfigure any domesticated dog or cat, or cause any person to do the same” will face an initial punishment of $2,500 and six months in a cage of their own. A second offense can land you one to five years in the big house, which is probably a bit of information you need to hear if you’re thinking of following in Karmen’s or Tikeemah Lassiter’s footsteps.

The regular Casey Anthony reader will remember Lassiter’s name for her viral hit late last year — around the same time as the cat burning actually — that involved her hefting a feline from a third-story balcony. The cat used up almost every one of its nine lives on impact, but thankfully fared better than the one in Coleman’s story. (He lived anyway.)

In the case of Coleman, we suppose there is some kind of grim solace we can take in the fact that at least she and her demented companions did not do this to a human being (yet). But we have seen enough Cold Case Files to know cats and dogs are sort of the gateway drug when it comes to taking human life. If the trio are convicted, let’s hope this is the end of it. In the meantime, Mississippi, we suggest you watch Karmen closely. Any future trips through the checkout line that involve Meow Mix should be heavily scrutinized.

(Featured Image: Moss Point Police)