British teacher, Karen Hutchinson, 46, can’t really figure out where she went wrong in her art class when she allowed an 18-year old student to borrow her camera to shoot nude photos of her 17-year old student. Both were girls, which seems innocent enough, also erotic enough if you follow the porn mythology, but also illegal enough given the underage nature of one of the subject. Not to mention the venue, your high school classroom, or the pantry area therein with you erecting a curtain to give the girls privacy.

watch If that weren’t career dangerous enough, Hutchinson took the results of the nude teen photos, now on her camera, and transmitted them to the 18-year old girl for her art project collage. While the photos were apparently only depicting above the waist action, that’s still no way to win teacher of the year award. Or recuse yourself from threats of being arrested for sending child pornography across the sacred digital transom.¬†

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order cialis uk Hutchinson was not charged with a crime, but was fired from her job as head of art by the Priory City of Lincoln Academy. It’s unlikely she’ll be able to teach elsewhere, in England at least, in France she’ll be deemed a hero and can have pick of young girl academies. Vive la diff√©rence

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